Hardware Modules

The cache and hardware optimization

16-64G DRAM-SSD Cache

8GB–16GB Ultra-fast Ache SSD Plus 1GB Real Ramdisk

PC Primo is that it breaks through the speed limit of normal hard drives. Hard drive read-and-write speed, at only 20M/s to 40M/s, is a key performance bottleneck for a computer. Hard drives actually cause the poor performance of old computers. The PC Primo builds a high-speed cache system for your computer with a 1GB DRAM cache (1G/s) and a multi-channel 16GB DDR SLC NAND cache that works as an external RAID 0 SSD(200M/s). The PC Primo not only makes computers significantly fast but also considerably reduces the noise and the temperature of laptops. Tests show that the loading time for Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop can be reduced by 80%. Furthermore, computers can smoothly play 1080pvideosafter installing the PC Primo. Before acceleration, these computers could not even play 720p videos. Only a hardware upgrade can be considered a real upgrade.

CPU Optimization

CPU Threads Intelligent Optimization

Different from harmful computer overclocking, our hardware-level CPU threads intelligent optimization, maintains computers, and makes CPUs efficient under multi-task situations. It could identify the main process currently being used and allocate additional resources to the main process by adjusting the unimportant processes, such as the upgrading of antivirus software in the background. This process does not change the frequency of the CPU. Other technologies, such as Intel's Turbo Boost, feature thread frequency regulation and not optimization techniques.

1024G Storage

A Large Storage Space Of 1TB Is Provided

Generally, old computers are equipped with relatively small hard drives. After years of usage, the remaining space becomes insufficient, which can prove challenging. The PC Primo is equipped with a 1TB cloud hard drive. Issues with small hard disk space are eliminated. The transmission speed can be as fast as 40MB/s. The device allows the transmission of a large amount of data with very minimal CPU space. Thus, users need not worry about the space for downloaded files.

5 Year VPN Boost

Dedicated VPN Services For Internet Boost

The VPN increases network speed, allowing old computers to experience real broadband. Internet browsing and playing online games may have already become part of a computer users' life. However, old network cards and old computers cannot always provide users with the chance to enjoy high-speed optic fiber broadband. Thus, we offer our customers five-year network acceleration without any additional cost. Our offer includes server VPN service and prefetching of popular sites. It reduces network latency and optimizes Internet caching and node connection. Users can now enjoy fast Internet connection. Many server nodes are available, and the fastest node can be automatically selected for clients.

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