Five PCT Patents Overcome HDDdrawbacks

Date : 2015-07-16 / Popularity : / Source :

Electronic computer speed bottleneck mainly hard disk speed, far less than one over fifty of the memory data read and write speed. A 7200 RPM mechanical hard disk order to read and write is 40 m per second or so commonly, but decided to program run 4 k random reading and writing Is only around 0.5 M per second (yes, that's less than 1 M per second!) About 20 m per second, 512 k random, speaking, reading and writing. Quick stick based on DRAM - SLC multi-channel cache technology for the computer to establish a high-speed cache, although it is also the USB interface, USB, 100 times faster than the average! Quick stick pro under laboratory measured USB3 interface Read speed of up to 200 m per second, decided to 4 k application rate of random, speaking, reading and writing speed can reach 80 m per second (160 times faster than mechanical hard disk), 512 (k) speed can reach 300 m per second (15 times faster than the hard disk).

Author : Infotech

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