Dr Faster, why is my laptop so slow?

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Computers become slow for several reasons (e.g., age, viruses, rubbish,and obsolete hardware). Anti-virus and cleaning tools are useless for most old PCs because the hardware is too old. The hardware cannot keep up with the pace of technology! Nowadays, we watch HD movies, use big software,run Windows 8, and play 3D games that require four cores and huge space.For example, the latest Microsoft Office365 takes up to 2 GB of RAM, and a Facebook page may cause an old PC browser to stop responding. However, spending thousands of dollars to buy a new computer every couple of years is not the answer. Even if you are rich, buying a new computer also means to reinstall all software and programs, to back up and import all documents.But what else can we do? Users will have difficulty in upgrading or replacing PC parts on their own, which is why the PC Primo is here to help.

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