Dr Faster, how can you make computers faster?

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The most important feature of the PC Primo is that it breaks through the speed limit of normal hard drives. Hard drive read-and-write speed, at only 20M/s to 40M/s, is a key performance bottle-neck for a computer. Hard drives actually cause the relatively poor performance of old computers. The PC Primo therefore builds a high-speed cache system for your computer with a 1GB DRAM cache (1G/s) and a multi-channel 16GB DDR SLC NAND cache that works as an external RAID 0 SSD(200M/s). After installing,the PC Primo intelligently learns and stores most used files and programs in this new cache system and reads directly into the CPU, thus avoiding hard drive usage. The PC Primo also improves PC speed through a dedicated embedded CloudPC that provides 1 TB of storage, hundreds of exclusive pre-installed cloud applications and games, and almost everything you need to keep your PC clean and light! All cloud apps are free and open-source.Now PC Primo also comes with an exclusive optimized VPN service that accelerates the Internet. Patented Technology:DUAL CACHE + CLOUDPC + VPN

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