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We have been granted five patents for our technology. Our main boost channel is two to ten times faster than a hard disk drive, whereas our secondary boost channel is approximately 100 times faster than a HDD. Data: The main bottleneck of computer speed is hard drive speed, which is less than 2% of the memory speed.The sequential read-and-write speed of a 7200 rpm hard drive is approximately 40M/s. However, the decisive speed of a running program is the 4K random read-and-write speed which is only about 0.5M/s (even less than 1M/s), whereas the secondary deter--minant, the 512K random read-and-write speed, is just 20M/s.The PC Primo is based on a high-speed cache built by using DRAM-SLC NAND multi-channel caching technology. Although PC Primo uses a USB interface, it is 100 times faster than most USB flash drives. The read-and-write speed of the PC Primo under USB3.0 could actually reach 200 M/s, with the 4K random read-and-write speed reaching up to 10M/s (20 times faster than hard drive speed) and the 512K read-and-write speed reaching up to 100M/s (five times faster than hard drives').Even under a USB 2 interface, the PC Primo 4 K read-and-write speed could reach up to 5M/s (10 times faster than hard drive speed),whereas the 512K read-and-write speed reaches 40M/s (twice faster than HDD).The PC Primo also comes with a secondary boost channel that is based on DRAM and ramdisk technology. The secondary boost channel chips are manufactured by our factory in Hong Kong. It will be recognized as a 1GB RAMDISK when plugged in. Unlike Gigabyte's i-RAM, our secondary channel has very strong I/O ability, fast speed (3.2G/s), and 4K performance (200M/s), almost 200 times faster than an HDD. (To compare the performance of the PC Primo's second channel, a user bought a hyperX RAM for 40 dollars and bought a ramdisk software called Super Cache for 79.99 dollars; the result is that our second channel still won.)

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