What are the hardware and software specifications?

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The PC Primo has a 'dual cache system', a 'CloudPC', and a 'VPN booster'.The control of the PC Primo is called the¡®Fast Cloud System¡¯, which provides all drivers, CloudPC, and VPN.The primary cache is a multi-channel 16GB DDR SLC quasi-SSD. Generally, a quasi-SSD is an extremely fast external solid state flash drive with a special control processor and a fast algorithm at the core. The primary channel of the PC Primo runs almost 200 times faster than an ordinary USB drive. Figure 1 below shows a comparison between the primary cache and an ordinary Kingston USB drive in terms of circuit and speed. A significant difference, as large as 100X, is noted.The secondary cache is a 1GB DRAM cache (near instant access, latency < 0.1 ms). It is based on DRAM and RAMDISK technology. The secondary boost channel chips are manufactured by our factory in Hong Kong. It will be recognized as 1GB RAMDISK when plugged in. Like Gigabyte's i-RAM, our secondary boost channel has very strong I/O ability, fast speed (3.2G/s), and 4K performance (200M/s), almost 200 times faster than an HDD.The CloudPC and VPN services are already introduced above.

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