Maintenance Stick Offers A Portable Rescue System, Allowing Old Computers To Be Easily Repaired

Date : 2015-05-08 / Popularity : / Source :

Most old computers cannot run Win7 or Win8. To address this problem, we provide system installation guide chip on the PC Primo. As long as the system ISO files of any OS are stored in the ISOs directory of the PC Primo, they can be read and used at PC start up. the PC Primo supports an unlimited number of OS. It is real multi-booting! When the user loads the PC Primo, the system boots, and a selection menu appears. The user can then select an OS to boot and use. the PC Primo also comes with a series of quick maintenance and reinstallation tools when users are forced to reinstall the system that has broken down. It also provides an emergency portable rescue system, including password recovery, system repair, disk repair, computer repair, and other start-up repair functions.

Author : Infotech

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