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This is a by the Hong Kong Info Tech corp., do not need to dismantle the machine can rise through intelligent cache computer hardware I/O performance.By using the new cache materials and drive, quick bar basically achieved fast disk failed to achieve the purpose of that year.

Once upon a time, Intel's fast disk also around at that time, but as a result of must advance by production built-in special interface, so when the two HP and dell computer makers was occupied 90% market share at a time when its development is restricted by the severe.Then when Intel found that allows the user to the business itself more high-end Intel weakening demand show when it reduces the project promotion.

The quick bar adopted universal USB interface, and can be backwards compatible.USB3 5.6 G per second, is the minimum design criteria of USB2 is 480 m per second, and the general mechanical drive speed is the bottleneck of the actual speed of the computer is only 10 to 20 m per second.If the speed of the hardware itself is very high, can be use interface speed limit.(the past experience, the speed of the short board is often the device itself, rather than the interface, in the past most of the USB device is simply the purpose of storage, so the ordinary TLC flash speed is low. But quick bar USES is DRAM cache of external SSD flash array rather than ordinary flash memory, interface can play its speed to the speed limit.)

Quick bar, of course, was not designed to replace the memory, its function is to cache cache, is used to replace the hard disk read or write the vast majority of cases, such as the original Photoshop when open or run to execute a program file is the speed of 10 to 20 m per second, you can now in theory, the maximum speed of USB, USB3 5.6 G per second, is the minimum design criteria of USB2 is 480 m per second, and even on USB2 machine has an average of three to 10 times the speed.

In the past, the computer upgrade only DIY market, difficult operation, and solid-state drives rely mainly on installation.And most of the old computer, before 2010, don't support SSD and cannot be used.Quick stick it offers a lower cost and on time, operating more simple, compatible with a broader old computer upgrade scheme.

Cost to Own Awards: Best High Performance PC Upgrade Tool

This month, we weigh the pros and cons of the most affordable Info Tech PC Primo.

A test has been made by the editor on an old desktop (PC 1). Windows takes about 20 seconds form start up and I also installed Watch Dogs onto it too see what it was like and the game loads up from main menu to hitting continue in about 5 seconds (standard load time on normal HDD/console takes about 15-20 seconds)

The editor did a test with another computer (PC 2), which has the same CPU, a better gpu, also a better motherboard. Both machines have 12GB DDR3 memory 1066mhz, both using Windows 8.1.

The editor’s machine (PC 1) is running with the PC Primo. The test involved: PC 2 had a fully powered on machine and PC 1 was fully turned off, PC 2 was to open Photoshop CS6 and PC 1 was to boot on and open Photoshop CS6 when turned on. PC 1 managed to boot, type photoshop and it open a good 2 seconds before PC 2 actually opened.

Conclusion: Best price to performance item. No other words to describe this product but brilliant.

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