INFO TECH PC Primo Wins 2014 Asia-Pacific Innovation Competition

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A few days ago, in 2014 the asia-pacific science and technology innovation organizing committee news from Singapore, the winners.The reporter understands from the organizers, contest received 2620 competing projects, by experts primaries, preliminaries and semi-finals, due diligence and the final program, such as the winning projects selected 50 items, including enterprise innovation group first prize 1, three second prize, third prize of six, the innovation of 25.Start-up project team won the first prize in 1, 2 second prize and third prize, three ChuangYeJiang nine.

Which the first prize winning project enterprise innovation group is Hong Kong Info Tech company launched "quick stick", this project is mainly aimed at the existing computer upgrades, quick elimination, etc., to design a new kind of rapid upgrade, speed up technology, this technology has simple operation and strong stability, low prices, such as the speed increases obviously advantage.In the evaluation process, the experts gave a high evaluation of the project, argues that the project has great innovative technology, set up between the processor and hard disk data channels quickly, for the system and the program is running caching algorithm and cache mechanism for the innovative rewrite, and achieved in actual measurement than Intel rapid plate, Superfetch, even Microsoft Readyboost better results.The project product market belongs to save the market, the market demand is huge, competitive advantage is obvious.

The authority of the international VC and the jury is a major bright spot.The speed of light, vc, zheshang venture, saif Asia, starting point of GSR ventures, venture capital, huawei international, sequoia capital, intellectual venture, force radical, softbank IDG, qiming, fortune venture capital and the school as a famous investment institutions, such as review, as the site of the project review pulse.

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Cardiovascular Protection project and INFO TECH PC Primo win 2014 Asia Pacific Innovation Awards

(Singapore News) The Asia Pacific Innovation Competition Organizing Committee recently announced that the 2014 Asia Pacific Tech Innovation Competition was held successfullywith the support and guidance of the Singapore Organizing Committee, Yahoo Hong Kong, PC home, IT Lab India, National Taiwan University of Technology, and hundreds of venture capitalists. The list of innovation and entrepreneurship contest winners has also been released.

Reporters learned from the organizers that the contest received a total of 1,139 registrations across 14 countries. Venture capital experts and reviewers selected 50 winning projects, including one first prize, three second prizes, six third prizes, and twenty five innovation awards for the business innovation group as well as one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes and nine venture awards for the science group.

During the three day finals, participating companies underwent an 8 plus 12 procedure, e.g. eight minutes of enterprise self introduction plus twelve minutes of live questions, to complete the presentation.

The Business Innovation Group Award winner is HK INFO TECH Company, with their award winning project, INFO TECH PC Primo. The project aimed to solve difficulties in upgrading old computers by designing a new cache system with a simple setup, high reliability, low price, and excellent boost effect. The reviewers gave very high marks to this project, as they consider it to be a significant technological innovation that provides rapid data access between the processor and hard drive, thus serving as a bridge for PC systems. With a rewritten cache algorithm and cache mechanism, PC Primo achieved much better results than Intel Turbo Memory, normal SSD, and even Microsoft Readyboost or Readydrive when tested on actual cases.

The Science Innovation Group Award winner is a New Delhi team. Based on the current population aging related cardiovascular data and cerebrovascular ischemic disease data and after years of research and development, the team developed SCM198 using Leonurine, as well as several traditional Indian and Chinese medicine resources. They found Leonurine to have a significant cardiovascular protective effect. Their team also clarified the possible mechanisms and potential applications of the medicine.

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