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Earlier, our reporter calls Mr Xu had received enthusiastic people, according to buy into a good thing, think a lot.Recommended by his friends, Mr. Xu said, enough to buy a can upgrade the old old computer performance products - fast.Xu have a 03 dell desktop computer at home, every time I use stuck very depressed, Mr Xu and his wife have been retired for many years, the economy is not bounteous, buy a new one, but also to spend thousands of dollars, not the old one also feel pity.And when the work with down, it's not easy to change.In a few days before, he spent two hundred yuan to buy the quick bar, plug in the computer and install the driver, to upgrade the computer, incredibly can smooth watch online video film and news, grandson will also be able to play the game.Old-aged's providing, very happy, will find this newspaper.

In order to verify our reporter specially visited Mr Xu, saw the quick bar.Product appearance nothing special, metallic silver black shell, with DRAM cache multi-channel SLC array, and web browsing cloud acceleration, support the computer via a usb connection.Reporters take special took a seven years ago, HP laptop, general open a browser to such as 1, 2 minutes, even unable to download the video smoothly, almost scrap can't use computer to do test.Reporter personally experience the quick bar after installation, use very smooth, almost all kinds of software can be seconds, accelerated obviously, watch online video.

The calculation of a reporter yesterday consulting expert replied to the reporter's mail, said quick bar is Intel's a similar product upgrade products, similar to some basic principles, but made a lot of independent innovation.Intel communications plate (Intel Turbo Memory) is the second generation platform centrino standard components, dedicated to solve hard drive slow bottleneck of computer speed.In current memory and CPU processing speed can reach several G per second, hard drives, especially mechanical drive, random small file to read and write speed is also the most major programs run mode was only about 10 m per second, a large file order copy speed is only 50 megabits a second or so, it also can only when copying large files to achieve, and general program runs is a small file 4 k random random, speaking, reading and writing, speaking, reading and writing or 512 k.Fast disk used the flash memory module + methods, the composition of the main control chip of the main control chip to read and write data to the corresponding control, similar to the memory controller in northbridge chipsets, flash memory module is used to store data.Accelerate system, reducing power consumption.

Fast disk is a PCI - E interface expansion card (the actual speed of 35 m per second random read and write, than the general mechanical hard disk for three times as fast as 10 m or so random reading and writing), with the support of the system, can provide ReadyBoost and ReadyDrive function, these functions will be directly on the system at startup, dormancy, installation procedures, copy files, load the game relating to the disk operating tasks on a substantial performance improvement.Is for ReadyDrive ReadyDriver function, ReadDrive provide software support.Indeed is ReadyDrive Microsoft for Hybrid hard disk (hard disk) with internal flash parts.The hard disk in addition to flash the obvious random access speed, the lure of the biggest lies in the saved data "instant" - because for flash memory, neither need to start the head also don't have to wait for the head turn to the right place.Hybird hard disk boot, sleep, sleep faster, and lower power consumption.Because when the operating system to read and write cache, drive itself can temporarily stop working, and do not consume any power.Run, laptops and recover from a dormant state will also be able to immediately start working, reading data from the cache rather than as usual, have to wait for the drive head up first.Rapid intraday flash ReadeyDriver function similar to a Hybird of the principle of hard disk, the difference is fast disk through the Mini PCI - E bus exchange data with the system, and the Hybird hard disk still through the SATA interface and system data exchange.Official data show that fast disks can make double software up and running speed, boot speed by 20%, at the same time reduce the hard disk to turn tens of save power consumption.But the price is not cheap, reporters have a shenzhou transport L730T laptop, you have used the newsletter plates, then to more than eight hundred a 4 g plate, now on taobao five centuries.

So quick stick than fast disk have any improvement?Through access to relevant data, experts say, compared to the newsletter, quick bar besides has the faster SLC flash memory module, there are three innovative design, the first is the hardware innovation, rapid also adopted the latest Dram cache technology, compared to the newsletter of flash memory module, the reading speed for almost ten times, which is equivalent to the hard drive, memory and hard disk speed, of course, also don't need to say more, under the usb can reach 480 m per second, under the start can reach 5.8 G per second.Innovation, followed by the algorithm fast rod adopts algorithm has stronger IO performance especially the performance of 512 k, than last year on the algorithm of fast plate and driving is strengthened, the new algorithm to modify system application cache, such as frequent small file reading and writing by DRAM cache to speed up.The I/o can reach one hundred and fifty thousand per second, far more than hundreds of traditional mechanical hard disk I/o per second, speaking, reading and writing.Apptimer with test software to test the communications between the plate and quick stick the obvious difference in the performance.Finally the cloud to accelerate technology and acceleration for web browsing, especially complex and across the web page (as in overseas telecom users access to the north netcom server or server), computer main purpose is to get to the Internet for the current Internet users, therefore this feature is very relevant to the market.Especially important, for cloud acceleration technology, quick stick also specially introduced a separate module of the cloud to accelerate the browser, the user can free trial for a period of time, anyone can download and install the trial, by the cloud acceleration server provides a probation period of surfing the Internet cloud services, it would be easy to load the page a lot of a few seconds to a minute to complete loading, the effect is very obvious.

Baidu search, found that there is so many Internet users in the use of communication, for dozens of pages related content.Fly in the ointment was, however, the reporter found in use, use the quick bar in the metal shell is hot, in the product user on the BBS, also saw a number of users reflect this problem, hope factory can do better.

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