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(Lv Chao) contributing analyst zhou in China Internet conference "network BBS" grassroots entrepreneurship and employment that pointed a way: "the user experience of innovation is a key factor to decide whether it popular Internet application, this innovation is called" innovation ", "innovation" leading the new trend and wave ".

At present, the electronic commerce in China showed a trend of rapid development.And in the field of Internet commerce, recently made a micro innovation is itaochina love for China.This article is to explore the minimally invasive new advantages, also want to talk about the problem of them bring love for China.

Love for delivery: join pattern of innovation to bring a wider scope of delivery

The earliest development of their own logistics system is jingdong mall.Jingdong mall's success gives us some enlightenment, that is a shopping site if you want to do well in to set up their own logistics distribution system, as long as they can quickly in handing users of consumers to purchase the goods as soon as possible, enable customers to experience the fast, safe consumption, these customers are likely to be loyal customers, bring more customers for the web site.Jingdong mall timely established the self-run logistics distribution system in most large and medium-sized cities, and the large and medium-sized cities are jingdong's main market.

Then came the love of the tao of China have the innovation in this area.Love for China also has its own supply chain and logistics distribution, is the love for delivery.Love is the main target range for ems and jingdong, jingdong customer base mainly in big cities, college students, the scope of jingdong logistics is generally to large and medium-sized cities.And love for mail delivery range than Beijing university, to send faster than jingdong, love for delivery in the second - and third-tier cities have send standing, and for further towns or even most of the country love tao delivery will also be able to reach, because of love, logistics companies to join agreement with small towns, can effectively extend and expand their scope of delivery.

But the grass-roots self-conducting logistics is both subjects and reduce breakdown.Score because love tao did raise the scope of China's logistics and customer experience, if lose points because of the huge logistics network capacity can not be effectively used, will bring huge cost pressure, and with the increase of artificial cost, profit pressure will increase.A responsible, defeated me.Love still has a long way to clean out the Chinese model road.

Safe and convenient: love close type cod services for China

The e-commerce world released by the China consumer online payment application survey report shows that online mall sales model will directly affect the online payment, C2C online payment application is higher than B2C website;Directly influence the two factors of online payment is safe and convenient.49.2% of people think that security is the key to influence the online payment, 30.3% of people think that convenience is the influencing factors of online payment.

Cod is undoubtedly the most safe and convenient way to pay, in the Internet frequent theft of China, it is particularly important.At the same time, for buyers, cod deal without through the e-currency payment, do not need to confirm the delivery of click on the net, after receiving the goods inspection, payment to the logistics company to complete the transaction, namely is very convenient.Japan is one of the electronic commerce is very developed country, is also a cash-on-delivery business is the most developed country.In an interview with her love, this means that combined logistics and payment, for buyers, in fact is one of the most convenient way to pay.

Beijing jiuhe parts & technology co., LTD., general manager of Sun Hong also thinks, cod is the preferred way of e-commerce payment in the future, because it is in most Chinese gang get the cash on delivery trading habits.

China electronic commerce research center data show that in the first half of 2013, 65% of jingdong order is cod, online e-currency payment proportion is about 35%.Jingdong in most cities in China opened a cash on delivery service.Users can choose pay by cash, credit card POS machine, check the payment for goods.Of jingdong express delivery can support cash, credit card POS machine, check (only Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu, shenyang, wuhan, guangzhou area).Jingdong proprietary products: registration, bronze, silver, gold member in jingdong website buy more than 39 yuan RMB (including 39) goods, can enjoy free delivery service.

Love for China cod service support to the inspection, after inspection, if quality has a problem, or do not conform to the description of goods, the buyer shall have the right to a visa.At the same time, cod services also support 7 days no reason to return, the buyer within 7 days after receipt of the goods, can apply for seven days no reason to return, or apply for other after-sales service.Love for cash on delivery service of China, there are doing very well.Customers with online payment, payment in cash on delivery customers are often not good at network operation, general return or maintenance problems more directly related to customer service or the hotline.Payment in cash on delivery, therefore, the customer will receive a love tao with identity information issued by the China after-sale security card, if you need to return the user only need to inform customer service the order number, and fill in the information security card and returned goods, for love, delivery charge will be within the scope of the door, very simple.

WeChat pay: love for China really ready?

Electricity how complex the truth, the pursuit of is actually about the nature of the business, competing enterprise internal work is for the fine operation of "thinking change in pain", remain the same business sense of "a man without I have, people have my new".Today, there is a news broke WeChat is developing for offline business POS system, detailed information on May 22, officially released in Beijing this month."POS" project by WeChat "life" team, products are mainly for local life service businesses to provide payment solutions.It is reported, the realization of the micro POS links as follows:

1, the system consists of waiter hardware WeChat pay.

2, businesses through the waiter after input amount, automatic generation of qr code.

3, consumers use WeChat scan code entered pay page, enter the password after complete the payment.

About the authenticity of the POS project, microblog senior insiders give detailed fact, the Internet also has introduced the related PPT, it seems fairly reliable authenticity, it seems, WeChat if you want to cut business opened WeChat payment application plus "POS" project startup, this to the payment of industry will be shake "earthquake" level.At the same time, also move WeChat platform to a serious electric daqo platform a tremendous strides, thus will WeChat electricity into mobile electrical forces in the large one.Will this new model, the above two traditional mode of impact?

As the participants of the industry, we would like to see it, as an observer, let's wait and see.

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