BitNet: INFO TECH PC Primo receives FCC Certificate

Date: 2015-01-26 / Popularity: / Source: BitNet

(American business information, akron, Ohio) : with SONY announced the decision to sell the PC business, home PC computer once the accompanied by generation products can continue to go on also caused wide debate.Popular computer upgrade equipment quickly the fate of the bar is so concern.

It is understood that the Hong Kong InfoTech group's rapid rod products and American version (PC Primo) last year by A2LA won the FCC (Federal Communications themselves, the Federal Communications Commission) certification, opened with the first step on the north American electronics giant competition.Previously, PC Primo has spread in the UK and other European countries.The FCC is an independent agency of the U.S. government, directly responsible to the congress.The FCC by controlling the radio, TV, telecom, satellite and cable to coordinate domestic and international communication.The FCC's Engineering department (Office of Engineering and Technology) is responsible for technical support of the committee, and is responsible for equipment recognition aspects.Many radio application products, communication products and digital products to enter the U.S. market, the FCC approval is required.The FCC certification is about electromagnetic compatibility test certification, the United States FCC for working frequency in more than 9 KHZ electronic products produced by the electromagnetic interference has the control.

"We are cooperating with InfoTech is quick stick and computer integration of business, in order to better service to our global customers and global computer upgrade of the market," Evans Advent of senior engineer Mr Chamberlain said, "the certification requirements strict processes and procedures to ensure that our business is in line with independent testing precision and the highest standards of quality."Due to obtain the Advent of cooperation support, rapidly expanding customer base in Europe and the us.

But some financial capital institutions do not look good for PC upgrade to speed up the rapid rod series products, the main reason is that the rapid decline of PC market.Now, the PC market is declining, and the slope is steep and disturbing.From market research firm IDC, according to data from the fourth quarter of 2012, global PC shipments for 89.8 million units, a 6.4% decline compared to the same period in 2011.For five years, PC shipments appeared for the first time.The depression status of the PC market, some critics say it is affected by economic, while some critics think that this is due to the rising popularity of tablets.A reluctant to named sequoia capital partners, said if the future smart phones and tablet computers completely replace the computer, then based on computer products like quick stick outlook is worrying.

InfoTech's London office adviser Derek, says Mr Bowles "computer be replaced by smart phone is impossible, I have three smart phone, but I almost don't use them in daily work and life. And, growing game performance platform and performance requirements for running equipment rapid increase, such as the year's most popular PC game total war Rome series need at least 2 X86 platform i5 processors and 8 gb of memory at least 1 gb memory and a discrete graphics, smartphone or tablet is unable to achieve this performance. Smart mobile devices is a supplement to the computer, but is not a substitute. What's more, the PC Primo (rapid bar) for PC market has more than billions of stock".

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