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Intelligent equipment market in the days of high growth.Especially in the intelligent electric Meter (Smart Meter), the Thermostat (Thermostat), display and household electrical appliances, such as equipment needs most.According to the IMS report, in the next five years, intelligent household power management equipment shipments will reach four hundred million units.

This rapid growth, in part because consumers for a comprehensive network and user experience brought higher expectations.Consumer demand, however, not all reason, the technical factors also play an important role.In recent years, the development of intelligent, LianWangHua and user interface for more efficient and cost-effective, intelligent household equipment and more close to the user preferences.

If analysis again carefully, will find that behind every equipment innovation and accelerate the convergence, has an Embedded System (Embedded System) and Flash Memory (Flash Memory) huge impetus to the progress of science and technology has brought about.

A successful InfoTech computer quick stick into hard drive speed bottleneck To improve the future calculation

InfoTech launch double RAM cache memory and the type of SSD multi-channel solid-state memory collaboration accelerator, to play the computer auxiliary storage role to accelerate the reaction efficiency of the computer.

The named quick stick accelerator, fast disk and accelerator card is different with the past, rapid rod is the use of double cache DRAM and SLC flash memory as a storage media, design for USB3 interface and changed the USB protocol, to more than 200 MB per second cache type speed for the altar, laptop, the use of products.Quick stick equivalent on a product to achieve the iRAM and fast disk twofold function, and better than both is easy to install and use.InfoTech has begun to provide 8 gb and 16 gb capacity to downstream system operators, and participating the international consumer electronics show in Taipei this year.

Intelligent embedded system successfully key department in memory

Due to the higher requirements of intelligent equipment, looking forward to more beautiful graphics, faster startup, so flash technology for networked family and wisdom energy markets, is becoming more critical.

Traced back, memory is the key to achieve intelligent equipment.Leave the memory, the system can't storage devices "learning" the data according to user's requirements, or strengthen the user's advanced user interface.

High capacity flash memory to support ascension human-machine interface (HMI) interaction required large operating system, application and graphic images.In addition, improve household market home power management requires good connectivity and persistence, and have the durability and life quality of flash memory is indispensable.

Innovation of memory solution is necessary to intelligent network family.This means that in the process of to future families, people rely on the encoding type (NOR) and storage type (NAND flash memory technology will be more rapid development.

Multipass NOR flash the speed of up to 400 MB per second

In recent years, people have gradually adapt to the development of the mobile phone, tablet computer and car dashboard user interface, in the same way, people can expect intelligent thermostat can also change the same.As the user interface become complex information nodes, embedded system technology development needs more complex software and more lasting information storage, which is the NOR flash memory (see article), which provides high capacity flash memory, support large operating system images, applications, and graphics, in order to improve the man-machine interaction interface.

NOR flash memory which is the ideal choice for the most demanding applications, its quick boot is necessary in order to accelerate the start time, the performance of software for cutting-edge and graphics functions provide higher performance of memory and processing power, reduce (or not use) in certain conditions of dynamic random access memory (DRAM).The following table are based on single channel data, multi-channel basic can double speed, such as under dual channel NOR flash to 197 MB per second.

Smart meters to realize two-way communication

Increasingly complex user interface NOR flash memory can achieve the real-time feedback and high reliability requirements.Flash memory can also be used in intelligent thermostat of communication function, which is relatively new to home users can through the iPhone or other equipment remote control these household devices.

The home energy manager can also use intelligent electric meter realize two-way communication between electronics and household instruments.External flash memory can strengthen the communication function.Flash memory technology can also be used to record is usually stored in a data logging system on a chip.

In the rapid development of telecommunication infrastructure, flash memory also plays a vital role.The next generation of telecommunications infrastructure construction must have a high reliability of the code and data storage, and wide range of NOR flash memory capacity, with a variety of advanced network equipment realize perfect collocation, make sure the system startup and operation.

Don't like smart phone products may be eliminated in a few years later, home terminal products need to have longer service life than the consumption equipment (10 years), and the improvement of the life of memory can make the technology widely adopted.

Combined with the NOR flash memory born with high reliability and durability, enables the intelligent electric meter to smoothly into the home market.

Now, people have begun to see between intelligent electric meter and intelligent electrical communication function, let the home users to actively for home energy management.

InfoTech let household appliances smarter

Embedded systems can provide flexibility for household electrical appliances, high efficiency, and many new features.Refrigerator, stove, vacuum cleaner and other home appliances need larger memory, to become wiser.Refrigerator need to store data to at the door without closing informed users;Robot cleaner need to store data can be returned when battery charging point.Through the support of high capacity flash memory, embedded devices can operate in the collocation of sensors and algorithms, to understand the situation around, can even learn from users.

In the process of moving towards the future, the user interface will become more and more complex, paves the way for diligence "predictive intelligence".Predictive intelligence can make the system at any given point in time to understand the user how to make different choices.This technology is currently in the early development automatic correction function (such as mobile devices), in the next generation of household technology evolution, however, people are expected to use the technology for most domestic or family management easier.


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