Finance China: Game Company Jagex adopts INFO TECH PC Primo

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GameLook reports/look attractive game, don't want to play and play?A lot of people have such experience.It also makes many games cost the company a lot, especially in foreign countries, because of strict protection of intellectual property rights, a user can often bring to games, especially network game company hundreds of dollars in profits.Recent activision blizzard's "call of duty 9", its first day that reached $500 million in revenue.In order to keep this part of the user, the developer of the online game RuneScape Jagex offering out of the solution: to provide users with preferential price of the computer, of 29.99 pounds to accelerate the upgrading of hardware equipment, the equipment originally by the Advent and Hong Kong xinguang group of Peking University launched a company and called PC Primo, Chinese translation quickly, at present already had several OEM manufacturers version, believe that will become increasingly perfect system and form a class of products.

Today we explain mainly aimed at the search engine baidu, you know, at home in the next five years is still the baidu search engine in the world, let's look at the baidu search engine home page for new stations rules, generally speaking baidu for new stations have 1 to 3 months review period, during which your site may enter baidu shahe, so in the meantime, increase the website content construction, good habit of nurturance is regularly updated website and submit the website user habits.

Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard said: to improve the user's hardware performance, makes the game out of resistance from behind platform, and the focus back on the improve the quality of the game, allowing developers to constantly improve the quality and taste of the game, users don't need to care about don't play, users will feel that this is the game, he wants and he will thank the developers and satisfy his interest in the game and for a long time to improve its performance.Primo Jagex to close to cost price sell PC (quick bar) to the customer, in return for cash flow from the user last.

Jagex game company at present is the largest independent British company, the company the current total number of employees has reached 550 people, and still have to continue to expand the potential.Jagex CEO MarkGerhard also said: "for our company, in 2013 is of great significance for a year, we released the RuneScape's latest expansion this year," transformers: the universe, "officially opened, in addition we also release a lot of other XinYou."And for the company's flagship online game "RuneScape", since 2012 there have been tens of millions of new registered players into the game, and became the force behind the company profit.

About the quick bar background:

(from the home of the computer) of the bottleneck of the computer speed is hard disk speed, far less than one over fifty of the memory data read and write speed.Fast great invention patent is based on an external flash memory arrays with multi-channel caching technology for computer high-speed cache SWAP (speed can reach 260 m per second), persisting application to intelligent data directly into the processor in the cache, avoiding the computer to the hard disk read and write, boost computer speed 3-10 times, expected to become the industry believe that the processor, memory, hard disk after the fourth-largest computer components.


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